3 Tips for Piano Practise

Regular practice of any musical instrument requires the student to be highly motivated and disciplined in their training routine. This especially holds true for piano players. The myriad number of styles, techniques and exercises need to be taken into account and so practicing the right way should be a priority for the student right from the start. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your practice sessions:


Top 4 Guitar Solos for the Aspiring Guitarist

Guitar solos – These two words can stir up great emotions among all guitarists. From hair-raising, face melting rock solos to the cool technical ones in jazz, guitar solos can convey a range of feelings and emotions. Creating amazing solos is one of the most difficult arts, not just for guitar but for any instrument. Before you can go about creating your own wonderful solos, there are a range of topics and methods to be studied carefully. At the World Music Conservatory, we believe in teaching our students not just through lessons but also with practical applications in songs. So here we have compiled a list of songs that will be of help to all aspiring guitarists.

What is the best way to study and analyse these techniques? For the new guitarist, the best way to go about this is to learn your favourite solos! Learning these by heart is a great way to learn new techniques, get new musical ideas and observe the interplay of rhythm and lead. Though it is best to learn these pieces by ear, we know that it can difficult for newer guitarists to do this. So it might be useful to refer tabs or use softwares like Guitar Pro. Having said that, we would recommend that you try to figure things out by ear, and then use tabs to double check. It might be little difficult in the beginning but if you can work through it, then it will greatly improve your ear and having a good ear is one of the most important attributes for the serious musician.

The next question is of course which solos should I learn? We have come up with a list of 4 different solos which will benefit you greatly if you learn them all completely. We have chosen a variety of styles to help familiarise you with different musical situations. Another very important point to remember is that apart from learning the solos note by note, you should also observe how the chord and rhythm changes shape in with the solos. And how the solo plays a larger part in the whole song and completes it musically.

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